December 24, 2017 Forrest Elliott

On the 1st Day Til Christmas

We are so proud of the hard work our team at Haven Homes & Lifestyle at Keller Williams Coastal Realty has accomplished this year! It has allowed us to contribute thousands of dollars to local and national organizations through our Client Choice Charity Program.


There is just 1 more day until Christmas. Every day we’re featuring a local organization that could use a little extra help before the end of the year.



On the 1st Day Til Christmas… 3 Dogs Rescue


ADOPT, DONT SHOP! Please add 3 Dogs Rescue to your charitable giving list this year! 3 Dogs Rescue’s ultimate goal is to place the right dog with the right person to ensure a successful and forever adoption.


They believe rescue is traumatic and often an overload on an animal who relies heavily upon their senses. No matter what the dog’s origin, the past was their home and was what they knew. Rescue pulls the animal from a familiar place, vets, spays and neuters, puts them in vehicles, crates and kennels, and immediately places them in a new environment. Even in the best of circumstances any human or animal would suffer a sensory shock at all this imposed change. Their ultimate goal is to remain conscious of the senses of the dogs as we move them to a better life.


Today we’re supporting 3 Dogs Rescue in Berwick! TO DONATE CLICK HERE

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