April 9, 2020 Ali Goodwin

With Hands on Our Hearts, How Can We Help?

UPDATE • 04-10-2020

What is the Haven Hearts Hotline?

The Team at Haven Homes & Lifestyle at Keller Williams Coastal Realty is committed to supporting our Clients, Customers, and Community Members during the COVID-19 Pandemic. That’s why we created the Haven Hearts Hotlineto serve as a Resource Hotline for Seacoast Locals created by Seacoast Locals!

How Can We Help You?

If you’re in need of a grocery delivery, prescription pick-up, or just want someone to talk to, give us a call and we’ll do our best to lend a hand or even just an ear.* Call (800) 626-5049 or by clicking the CALL NOW button below. The Haven Hearts Hotline is OPEN DAILY 8AM – 8PM. If you do not reach a person, leave a message and we will do our best to call you back!


Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

Ali Goodwin, Realtor®
& The Team at Haven Homes & Lifestyle at Keller Williams Coastal Realty

We’re Here, with Our Hands on Our Hearts to Simply Say…


What do you need?
How can we help?


Our Community is THE most important thing to us. And you know us! We Live to Give! You need groceries? A prescription? Dog food? Seeds for the garden? Heating fuel? Games for the kids? Your septic pumped? If it’s one thing we are as Realtors, it’s WELL-CONNECTED! We’ve got all these resources at our fingertips, and if we can’t directly help, we absolutely know who to call. ❤️


Here are our direct numbers + emails of all agents and staff:

Ali Goodwin: 603-957-8466 • ali@aligoodwin.com
Forrest Elliott: 603-244-8051 • forrest.elliott@kw.com
Lisa Bultheel: 603-498-6062 • lisakbultheel@gmail.com
Carole Goodwin: 603-978-3090 • carolegoodwin@kw.com
Cathy Goodwin: 207-337-3333 • cgoodwin@kw.com
Melissa Magdziasz: 207-337-5118 • melissaziasz@kw.com
Ashley Kellogg: 603-475-0019 • ashley.kellogg@kw.com
Kristin Sessler: 732-664-2271 • kristin.sessler@kw.com


Please call or text ANYONE on this list if you or someone you know needs ANY ASSISTANCE. We will get through this together!


We love and value each of you, and we cannot wait until this is over and we can see you again, shake hands with you again, or for those of you who are huggers, give you a big hug!


From All of Our Haven Hearts to Yours,

Ali Goodwin and the Team at Haven Homes + Lifestyle at Keller Williams Coastal Realty ❤️



P.S.: We want you to know that The HHL Team is just as dedicated to helping you with your real estate needs as ever! We won’t be using this time as a vacation, or staycation, rather. We won’t consider it downtime. We will maintain a high level of excellence in our service to you! While we aren’t choosing to be fearful, we are choosing to be wise. We have updated procedures for how we are currently handling real estate transactions. As the rules are changing by the hour, we’ve created a page on our website that we will continue to update. Safety is our first priority for you, our staff and our agents. You will also find regular updates posted on our Facebook Page.


Click Here to See Our Community Service in Action!

Our Haven Hearts Program is the Lifeblood of our Company!

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