August 6, 2020 Ali Goodwin

Have You Met Cathy Goodwin?


HAVE YOU MET Cathy Goodwin?


Cathy is one of Haven Homes & Lifestyle‘s Buyer Specialist! Let’s get to know her! 💭


💭 Why do you Love Where You Live?
We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth! We have everything Within a 100-mile radius…the lakes, the mountains, the ocean, our forests….and we are still small-town friendly as well as the safest state in the country. We also have a robust food scene, from farm to table and from sea to libations!!


💭 A Favorite Summer Activity?
I LOVE my pool!! I try never to be away from it for very long. And gardening, and the beach. 


💭 Where is your favorite place to go in ME or NH?
My farm! Nothing gives me more pleasure than gazing over the gardens in the summer or watching the snow pile up in a blizzard. Home is where my heart is!


💭 What is your favorite part about working in Real Estate?
I love helping people find their next home. Happy buyers make me happy! And I love the chase…..trying to find just the right property for my clients. Everyone is different so it’d never the same day to day.


💭 When you’re not working…
When I’m not working I spend my days enjoying the simple things with my devoted husband! 


💭 What are some of your favorite local eats?
The Central Restaurant & Bar in York, and York House of Pizza. I enjoy a good burger from anywhere I can find one. And of course Fox’s Lobster House for their fried clams. Yum!


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Cathy is Licensed in ME & NH
📲 207-337-3333

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