August 4, 2020 Ali Goodwin

Have You Met Ashley Kellogg?


HAVE YOU MET Ashley Kellogg?


Ashley is one of Haven Homes & Lifestyle‘s Buyer Specialist who spends her time between Windham, NH and the Seacoast! Let’s get to know her! 💭


💭 Why do you Love Where You Live?
The ocean air, the cute shops in downtown and the close-knit community. 


💭 A Favorite Summer Activity?
Early morning walks on the beach, drinks on the decks, and sailing. 


💭 Where is your favorite place to go in ME or NH?
Peaks Island in Casco Bay.


💭 What is your favorite part about working in Real Estate?
I have a soft spot for architecture. I drive around just looking at house designs (types of windows, sidings, roofs, shapes, landscaping). It will be absolutely impossible for me to find a house that has all my favorite things!


💭 When you’re not working…
When I’m not working, I like to go for trail walks with my pup.


💭 What are some of your favorite local eats?
Poutine from Duckfat and Smoothies from Fresh Press!


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Ashley is Licensed in ME & NH

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